The process Chris Warnes uses for his fine art photography tells as much of a story as his final image does. This British born artist’s path to photography began in Art Direction and Advertising. Warnes now lives near Sydney’s Manly beach with his young family and he has successfully turned his passion for being behind the lens into a career.

Inspired by the simplicity of capturing a moment suspended in time, Warnes describes his latest photographic series; Wet II, as “An abstract take on the ocean, using light, reflection and the subtle colours of water”.






Warnes explores the unique landscape of the ocean the old school way- with a Hasselblad camera. He tells us “Film is an especially great medium to work with, the grain gives it more of an organic feel and ultimately more softness and depth.”

Warnes admits that he loves nothing more than watching water in motion and the huge storms that surged the Australian coastline earlier this year were no exception. He witnessed an awesome opportunity to capture these moments and illustrate the breathtaking force of nature.

We asked Warnes how he manages to plan shots during such an unpredictable process “I visualise an idea or image in my mind and then I spend time working out how to capture it. Sometimes I capture it exactly, other times I capture something different, that was actually better than what I had visualised” explains Warnes.

These incredibly calming images explore the essential components of photography, revealing new and exciting ways of experiencing the visual, spatial and momentary virtues of our Australian coastline.

Warnes aesthetic reveals the volatile beauty of each shot, but of course, he has to wait for the film to be developed before he knows for sure…


A triptych from Wet II will be exhibited in the gallery as part of the upcoming group exhibition:

Sounds & Silence 
6th October until 12th November 2017
Otomys Gallery
567-569 Victoria Street (corner of Duke Street)
Abbotsford, VIC
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