LIQUID BRONZE | Rendering bronze into forms that seem to defy the nature of the material itself.


Let us introduce you to the work of Oliver Tanner; a graduate of the National Art School in Sydney and the newest member to the OTOMYS stable. Since graduating four years ago, Oliver has embarked on his journey as a practicing artist and designer; exhibiting both Nationally and Internationally, as well as completing studies at the New York Studio School, USA and residencies at Red Gate Gallery in Beijing, China.



Oliver Tanner | Liquid Bronze 01


Oliver’s skill and ingenuity presents an exploration of traditional techniques and emerging technologies. In order to produce fluid forms, organic shapes and tactile textures from cast liquid bronze. The seemingly unimaginable is created!

Presented in a number of private and public collections throughout Australia, Asia, Europe and the USA, OTOMYS is thrilled to house and share the work of Oliver Tanner. Get to know Oliver Tanner yourself, as we discuss the life of an artist, creative pursuits and matters of the heart.


Oliver Tanner | Sydney Studio Space


Where is home? Home is Sydney, although I spent a year living in Berlin which resulted in having a 4 metre sculpture commissioned for the Bei Wu Sculpture Park there.

Where do you holiday? I just got back from a holiday to New York, I love going places where the best art and culture is happening all around you.

What do you hope for? I’m someone who loves to build things and work with my hands. I was taught to weld by artist Bronwyn Oliver who’s mantra was to ‘master your medium’, much of my work is about trying to understand the possibilities of the materials I work with and push them to the limit of what’s possible.



Browyn Oliver | Unicorn 1984


When do you feel most like yourself? When I’m in the studio, in the flow of making something and am lost in the process.

How do you resemble your parents? They both have a passion for the arts, their interest was one of the ways I first begun to be interested in a career in this field.

How would you describe your journey as an artist? A fortunate one, through some chance encounters I have had the chance to work under and learn from some really talented individuals like Bronwyn Oliver and Martin Sharp.

How would you describe your work? I believe the best ideas are the simple ones, realised with elegance. Everything I do aspires to realise something simple, yet unexpected, that tells the viewer something about not only the artwork but the material it is made from.


Oliver Tanner | Liquid Bronze Series


Have you got other passions? I tinker, I build things, I help others build their projects, I’ve always liked solving problems and figuring things out, this is why my art is the way it is, but also dictates much of the rest of my life.

Have you got a favourite book? I listen to endless audiobooks, podcasts and music while I work, there’s something meditative to being busy with your hands while your mind is filled with new ideas.

Who inspires you? Many people, from artists I studied with, those I worked under and the greats who’s work I’ve most recently seen in museums in New York. Anish Kapoor is a constant influence who’s idea’s about materials and form always kickstart new ideas.



Anish Kapoor | Untitled 2016 – Untitled 2012


Not ready to go? Have one last minute with Oliver Tanner in his Sydney Studio..


COMMISSIONS  – The first series of sculptural work by Oliver Tanner sold instantly. If you’d like to house one of these original works prior to Christmas please send through your expression of interest in order to ensure this is achieved. Commissions will be taken up until mid September –


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