• Celia Gullett | A Studio Visit

    OTOMYS is delighted to introduce new works by Sydney-based Artist, Celia Gullett.
    Gullett’s masterful Geometric Abstractions (Oil on Panel) are a construction and deconstruction of arrangements. In this series, Gullett explores the interplay of colour and compositions, creating a lively dialogue within and between…

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  • Meet: Danielle Creenaune

    "Danielle's work occupies a liminal zone between abstraction and representation, where the experience of a place, rather than a literal rendition of landscape feeds her creative practice. Wind-swept and gestural, the artist distills the essence of her subject through reductive marks made confidently on lithographic plates,…

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  • Gill Rocca | A Studio Visit

    OTOMYS is proud to represent London-based artist, Gill Rocca, and we were thrilled to visit her London studio to view her new art works.
    Rocca's contemporary oil paintings tend to stop viewers in their tracks.
    The powerful miniature scale of these works prompts the viewer to engage and contemplate.

    One can get…

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    "Preferentially of some man or woman distinguished in art, letters, science or politics, painted by any artist resident in Australasia."

    Florence Rodway - Jules François Archibald, 1921 - Art Gallery of New South Wales.
    The Archibald Prize is Australia’s most highly regarded art prize for portraiture - Value $100,000.…

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  • hôtel les roches rouges

    After an extraordinary 2017, we knew that a holiday was imperative. And so it was! Siestas, balmy evenings, shared tables, informed conversations, page turners, coastal walks, day dreaming. Such meditative recovery worked wonders. Seeing Otomys into 2018 with a refined perspective. Whilst ready to return to the Gallery…

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  • Introducing | Caroline Denervaud

    Born in Lausanne, Switzerland.
    Paris based.
    This is research.

    Feelings and sensations create the forms; guiding the movement onto paper.
    It’s a question of here and now.
    In this proposed series of paintings, forms and colours play around balance in space. The quiet abstract compositions hide stories,…

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OTOMYS is pleased to open the exhibition: Poetic Space. A succinct and aesthetically honed grouping of work by three Melbourne-based artists. The three practitioners share a common background and profound understanding of architecture…

POETIC SPACE - You're Invited!

Trevor Mein | atmosphereelevenfortyseven2017 POETIC SPACE Trevor Mein  |  Susan Knight  |  Liliana Barbieri   You are invited to the opening! Wednesday 6th September - 6:30pm 567 - 569 Victoria St Abbotsford 3065    On…
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Meet the Montreal born, New York based, OTOMYS artist Liza Lacroix. As OTOMYS prepares to head to America this week, we reflect upon the last time we were in the USA; visiting Liza Lacroix in her New York Studio. Follow us into Lacroix's realm…

Call of the Avant-Garde: Constructivism and Australian Art.

 Removed from our own very Gallery in Abbotsford, we are forever frequenting The Heide Museum of Modern Art. With every visit, we become even more so enchanted by Heide MOMA.  Beginning life in 1934 as the home of John and Sunday Reed, Heidi…

Meet Oliver Tanner | The newest addition to the Stable.

LIQUID BRONZE | Rendering bronze into forms that seem to defy the nature of the material itself.   Let us introduce you to the work of Oliver Tanner; a graduate of the National Art School in Sydney and the newest member to the OTOMYS…
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10 Questions with Artist Mark Roper

If Mark Roper wasn’t already on your radar, he most definitely is now. Originally hailing from the UK, Melbourne based Mark Roper isn’t just an artist, but a brilliantly versatile creative. With an extensive portfolio including food, travel,…