Artist Rebecca Jones’ love for the ocean goes deep. Exploring the intoxicating notions of movement, colour and space by the seaside, Rebecca takes us on a saltwater journey to the beach with her latest installation; Coast.

Having completed studies with The New York Studio School of Painting, Drawing and Sculpture and the University of South Australia, Melbourne-based Rebecca Jones has been a full-time practicing artist since 2005. Known for integrating innovative technology, such as the iPad, to enhance traditional techniques, her work echoes the Australian landscape, light and colour. And Coast is no exception.


rebecca-jones_bikini rebecca-jones_sunshade





Exploring the Australian land and seascape with her upcoming collection, Rebecca explores her long standing connection to the sea and sand, explaining that “The beach is a place where people relax into the surroundings, shedding their clothes, inhibitions and pretensions. The act of floating in the water, where the swimmer and water become one encourages this state of mind, which is continued on land with the bodies melting into, and conforming to the shapes of the sand”. Her response to these beachside activities is a transformation into a series of two interwoven works. The first, exhibiting liberal applications of radiant watercolours in an array of transparent, fluid strokes. The second is a series of bolder contoured lines that meet to form abstract bodies, devoid of any detail. The contrasting result creates a beautiful Summer story.

Rebecca reveals, “Drawing is my response to everyday experiences. To either capture a moment or mood in a few lines, or work a drawing extensively, the outcome must be the same: the drawing needs to relate, and be authentic, to the experience”. Each piece is painted entirely from memory, capturing the salty scene in a ‘spirit of the moment’ rather than an exact person or a recognisable place. Rebecca hopes the Coast installation will “trigger memories of saltwater and sun on the skin, sand underneath your feet and all the freedom that the beach brings.”

With the Australian Summer months nearly upon us, we can’t think of any better way to immerse (and submerse) yourself in Rebecca’s light, fresh and invigorating colours from the coastline.

Coast – by Rebecca Jones 18th November – 9th December 2016 (free entry)

Otomys Gallery 567-569
Victoria Street (corner of Duke Street)
Abbotsford, VIC
Gallery open Fridays and Saturdays or by appointment any other day.


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